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920-002522 - Logitech K120 keyboard

920-002522 - Logitech K120 keyboard


Kod producenta: 920-002522
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920-002522 - Logitech K120 keyboard

Specs & Details

-Height: 155 mm
-Width: 450 mm
-Depth: 23.5 mm
-Weight: 550 g
-Cable length: 150 cm

Technical Specifications

-Spill-resistant design 1Tested under limited conditions (maximum of 60 ml liquid spillage). Do not immerse the keyboard in liquid.
-10-Key Number pad
-Caps lock indicator light
-Num lock indicator light
-Up to 10 million keystrokes (excludes number lock key)

Key type:
-Deep profile


Black plastics:
-51% post-consumer recycled material. Excludes plastic in packaging.

Product carbon footprint:
-4.02 kg CO2e
-Certified carbon neutral

Warranty Information
-3-year limited hardware warranty
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